Good Tech Region is good business. Advanced digital ideas, solutions and products that breathes the northern air and is reachable all over the world. 5000 active ICT professionals. Plenty of startups together with well-established tech companies. That's #GoodTechRegion.

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Located in the middle of Sweden

The Good Tech Region came to life in the heart of Northern Sweden, in the High Coast area - an UNESCO World Heritage site - and the home of Swedens most beautiful city, Sundsvall. But it’s not just one place, it’s cities with some of the most revolutionary technologies working together and growing stronger, it’s a lifestyle, it stands for some of the most important tech companies in Sweden. You can feel in the air - that something very exciting is happening here. The best part of all this, is that you are welcome to join and become a part of #goodtechregion.

Our toolbox

In Good Tech Region we believe in collaboration to be able to get the best result. We have a complete toolbox that will help you establish your business here.

With one of the biggest incubators in Sweden, Bizmaker and Great Space startup and innovation hub, it's safe to say that you will launch your startup with a big bang!


In our region, you will get a really good network of the best tech nerds you'll need. Good Tech Region has the highest number of ICT expert per capita in Sweden.


If you want to establish your business in our region, we can help you with everything you'll need, from recruitments and office space, to accommodation and finding a job for your partner.

What others say about #GoodTechRegion

Jeff Wallace, Investor, Silicon Valley

"Sweden most definitely makes it on the top list of my favorite places. I enjoyed my time there and Sundsvall gave me really a good feeling."

Jody Turner, Insight Strategist, Portland

"Being in Sundsvall is inspiring. The Swedes are great at what they do, they work well together and create amazingly well-designed worlds."

Therese Gedda, CEO 30minMBA, Sweden

"A friend of mine who is working for Spotify in New York was emailing me saying “Oh you are going to Sundsvall? That is so cool!”. It’s fascinating that so many people are saying such wonderful things about Sundsvall."

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